Our Emedix integrates a wide range of medical information for Health providers. This includes information from vital sign monitoring devices in the home, the results to questionnaires, the content of video visits, and the information from the patient’s medical record.
Emedix solutions are HL7 enabled to permit two-way information exchange with hospital information systems. Because the System is compliance according with Mexican NOM, doctors can diagnose and treat from information transmitted by these devices. This provides superior value to physicians and nurses who are practicing medicine at a distance.
The System also establishes communication between different parts of the patient’s care network. The Healthcare Access Server makes it possible for providers to bring multiple parties into the care of the patient including primary care physicians, specialists, nurses, dietitians, care coordinators, family members and medical interpreters.


HIGEA MEDICA, based in Tijuana, Mexico, provides products and services that extend the reach of health care providers beyond the clinic walls and enable patients to connect with their caregivers from where they live and work.
The Emedix includes innovative patient-facing devices that are simple to set up and use; and flexible provider-facing software to deliver appropriate levels of care to individual patients
Combining internet and broadband wireless technology with an open systems engineering approach, we have created a new standard for health care access.
  • A wide range of organizations can benefit from our technology.
  • Care Pathways organize interactions with patients for managing chronic conditions.
  • Multimedia health education can be delivered directly though our devices.
  • Built-in video conferencing capabilities enhances patient care